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Linda's Mosaic
Little River Art
Linda and Charlie Muñoz
Combinations of Color Meet each Other
ORIGIN late Middle English : from French mosaïque, based on Latin musi(v)um decoration with small square stones, perhaps ultimately from Greek mousa ‘a muse.’
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Beginning Kentucky Wall
Detail Mary's Mosaic
Detail of Wall
Finished Kentucky Wall
Musical Mosaic
Mary's Mosaic
One Hundred Lens Mosaic
Working On Wall
Cardinal Stepping Stone
Carousel Horse
Dogwood Stepping Stone
Helpers On Studio Wall
Lone Star Mosaic
Oak Leaf Stepping Stone
Orange Blue Star Mosaic
Rail Fence Mosaic
Red Green Black Mosaic
Sprayberry Mosaic
Studio Wall
Three Foot Piece
Tumbling Blocks Mosaic
Variable Star Mosaic
West End Mosaic
Crows In Field Mosaic